If your youth group or class are interested in one of our creative writing workshops please contact or


30th May: Creative writing workshop withJohn Cummins in Sphere 17 Darndale.

23rd May: Follow up workshop Sphere 17 Kilbarrack.

15th May: Follow up workshop with North Wall Training and Development Youth Project facilitated by the UCYG.

30th April: Creative writing workshop about spoken word and rap with John Cummins in Sphere 17 Kilbarrack.

26th April: Members of the Unity in the Community Youth Group will facilitate their very own workshop in North Wall. Training and Development Youth Project.

22nd March at 6pm: Our second pubic workshop was held in the ATD Ireland Office - 26 Mountjoy Square. For this exciting creative writing workshop we partnered with the fantastic 'Poetician' John Cummins!

21st March:  John Cummins facilitated a workshop in Ballymun Youth Reach about rap and spoken work . If you are part of a youth project and would be interested in welcoming us for a workshop please contact us directly.

13th February 6pm: for our first public workshop we partnered with the Fighting Words Project. Check out our blog for more information. We love fighting words!

Workshops Outline:

We have organised creative writing workshops to create unity and encourage participation. Workshops are one off 2 hour long creative writing adventures and will take place in various locations in Dublin. There will be at least 5 workshops in total. The workshops will aim to begin the creative writing process in a variety of ways with a variety of facilitators.

Overall the workshops will;

  • Highlight MLK as a role model, his speech and make connections between the issues he spoke about and the lived experience of participants, all framed in the context of life in Ireland today. We want to discuss collectively the dreams we have for a better future.
  • Provide an opportunity for participants to discuss their ideas for speeches with their peers and our workshop facilitators. Essentially, this phase will provide a platform for any questions, concerns or reassurance needed.

Remember; you don’t have to take part in a workshop to be eligible to submit work. We welcome all individual or collaborative works for submission. Work alone, take part in a workshop, or run your own workshops. The process is open. Have fun with it. Find your voice, we can’t wait to hear it!

Give voice to your dreams