What a journey!  Unity in the Community launch the ‘Ireland, I have A Dream’ book

On Friday the 6th July the UC Youth Group launched the Ireland, I Have A Dream publication. The launch was a celebration of the young voices that contributed to this project and was full of fun, rap, speeches, music, and inspirational messages.

The ‘Ireland, I Have a Dream’ project ran from January to July 2018 and provided a new space for young people in Ireland and beyond, under 25, to find their voice as leaders and to explore the inequalities of poverty in the context of their own lives by writing speeches, poems, raps, and spoken word in the spirit of the famous Martin Luther King ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.

The book chronicles the story of the youth group, the project itself, the youth groups we visited, workshops, and partners. The core of this publication is a collection of over 30 ‘Dreams’ written by young people.

From February to May 2018, the UC Youth Group organised the facilitation of eight creative writing workshops. The workshops proved very successful and as a result the group added an additional 3 workshops to the project in addition to the planned five. This resulted in the project reaching two more communities which made a huge difference to the young people involved.

The UC Youth Group celebrated the publication the ATD Friends, Volunteers, community members, local Councillors and TDs, and most importantly with young people who contributed supported by their proud families and friends. The event had a powerful message at its core, to listen to young voices from deprived communities and work towards ending the stigma.

The book was prepared and printed with funding from the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund.

Download Ireland, I Have A Dream PDF

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